Sedona Airport, AZ

Pilot reports...

Fri, 29 Dec 2000 "Stan Baucum" ( writes:

Hi Dave

Nice web site, is it possible to get Arizona included as one of the states? We have a few good places to fly to. You can practice your aircraft carrier landings in Sedona, where you typically land on runway 3 and take off on runway 21. A little busy on the weekends as it is quite scenic and the restaurant serves great food. Here's a couple of photos.

- Jon

Wed Feb 16, 2000 Ron Busch ( writes:

Sedona, AZ. is a very colorful place and when you land they have certificates for landing on what they call the US Sedona. The airstrip is located on a bluff and can be a little hazardous in the summer because of the density altitude, no problem when that is taken into consideration. The restaurant is located on the field and has great food. You can rent cars on the field for traveling up the canyon towards Flagstaff. You can even drive to the meteor crater about 60 miles from there.

The Grand Canyon speaks for itself, they have bus rides from the airport to the canyon again, in the summer time, watch density altitude. They have some real nice cabins and hotels to stay at or camping is also available in the park.

- Ron

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