Penticton Regional Airport (CYYF)

Pilot reports...

Gary West ( writes:

Penticton....the heart of the south Okanagan Valley in south central British Columbia. Our airport is Penticton Regional (CYYF) and is only a 10-15 minute flight from the Washington State border, at Oroville, and there are no mountains to overfly from anywhere in central Washington. Mountains to the east and west of Penticton, and lakes to north and south (Okanagan and Skaha). Fantastic beauty in one friendly location. We have a paved 6000'x 148' runway (16/34) with PAPI on Rwy 16. CYYF is within walking distance of the Skaha Lake sand beach, the Okanagan Amusement Park, a waterslide park, restaurants, and a pub (of course flyers don't drink..only the passengers).

Even downtown is within walking distance, although it is about 4-5 miles....1.8, as the crow flies. Fabulous golf courses abound in the entire valley, so bring your clubs, and rent a car in the terminal building. The approach to Rwy 34 is directly over Skaha Lake which is only about 100 yards away, and is a scintilating experience. NavCanada is on the field. Contact "Penticton Radio" prior to entering the zone (5 mile radius) on 118.5.

There is also a small motel right on the airport (Skytel), and you can taxi right to the back door. There are many other motels/hotels in Penticton (Best Western, Travelodge, Days Inn, and a number of local motels) most of which would be willing to pick you up at the airport with prior arrangements. The Penticton Lakeside Resort with it's brand new Casino, is the cream of the crop, right on the beach on Okanagan Lake. Restaurants are many and varied...Thai, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, and of course, North American. It's all here in Penticton!

The Okanagan Valley has about 45 local world acclaimed wineries, many of which offer tours, and wine tasting experiences. . Several are only a short 10-40 minute drive from Penticton. Visit on the last weekend of August (make reservations early) as this is Ironman Canada weekend right here in Penticton (, and the race is being run on August 27, 2000......see over 1700 atheletes from around the world compete in the swim, bike and run world championship Triathalon. "Peachfest" runs from August 9 - 13, 2000 ( See the Canadian Armed Forces Flight Demonstration Team, the SNOWBIRDS, perform here this year on August 7, at 14:00 local, 21:00Z, during the Peachfest Parade and Festival Weekend.

Any flyers wishing information or assistance can contact us here at the Penticton Flying Club, and we'll help you with any questions....... YOU SIMPLY CANNOT BEAT PENTICTON! Why go anywhjere else? Come see for yourself.

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