Corona Airport, CA (AJO)

Southern California, roughly 15 miles east of John Wayne Airport, Orange County

Pilot reports...

David McCord ( writes:

This is a very special little airfield. Lots of taildraggers, antiques, biplanes, etc, make this field well worth a visit if you're an oldtimer at heart, like me. Plus, Bob's cafe makes a great breakfast or lunch, and features its' 'World Famous Chili`, which I tasted and must agree that it is world class. This airfield is so much like the airfields I remembered as a boy where my father I and hung out and on Saturday mornings with all the other aviation enthusiasts - the camraderie and fellowship of other of men and occasional women, who especially love early aviation, and the smell of butyrate dope and avgas. There's a long bench in the shade next to the gas pumps where mostly men in their 60's and 70's sit and talk airplanes where they can see the comings and goings of aircraft from the active runway 25/07. I sat down and chatted with these men for awhile, wishing I could have spent many hours there. I had a special feeling about these men from a mostly bygone golden era of aviation, and a sad feeling as I watch that era slip away into the past.
From my spot on the bench that Saturday morning, I saw a gorgeous Fleet, a DC3, Stearman, Don Saucer's P6-e replica, a T6, a wide assortment of Cubs, Luscombes, C-140's, many homebuilts, and many more more coming and going. Then, I wandered back over to Bob's and had a great sandwich and some of that famous chili. This was a good Saturday morning.

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