Garberville Airport, CA

Pilot reports....

Tom Morris of Mt. Shasta, CA. writes...

*Garberville [O16] is a few miles north of Benbow, CA. You can stay at the Benbow Inn. If you call them, they will send someone out in an old beater station wagon to pick you up. The Inn is a restored turn of the century resort made popular by San Francisco millionaires of the 1910 - 1920 era. The restaurant is superb and the grounds are beautiful. Go in the summer, because they drain the lake after Labor Day. If you are not current in mountain flying, get some dual with a mountain-saavy CFI before flying into Garberville. The field is in a river valley.

Places To Stay

Benbow Valley RV Resort And Golf Course
Dean Creek Resort
B.W. Humbolt House Inn [707]923-2771

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