California Airports

 Apple Valley Airport
In my two visits I was treated particularly courteously by the guy at the gas pump . . .

Bargain fuel prices, many homebuilts, war birds, and the Wings cafe.

A perfect destination for that $100 hamburger - nestled in the lush, treelined Anderson Valley, 30nm SE of Mendocino.

 Carmel Valley
30 minutes by bus to Carmel-By-The-Sea.

 Castle Airport
No one should miss the Castle Air Museum at the old Castle Air Force Base.

200+ war birds and 200+ antique/classic/experimentals.

1/2 mile walk to historic Columbia State Park and a California Gold Rush era town with well-preserved Wells Fargo, hotels, saloons, and museums.

This is a very special little airfield. Lots of taildraggers, antiques, biplanes, etc, make this field well worth a visit if you're an oldtimer like me. Plus, Bob's Cafe is makes a great breakfast or lunch, and features its' 'World Famous Chili`...


 Frazier Lake
The only irrigated sod airstrip in California. A good place for homebuilt enthusiasts.

 Garberville Airport
In the Humbolt County Eel River Canyon with giant redwoods.

A mountaintop airstrip with great cafe, classic airplanes, picnics, and camping.

 Lampson Airport, Lakeport
Just south of Clear Lake. One of the best airport diners in the West - check out the DC3, B-25.

  Little River Airport, Mendocino
Albion, Mendocino, and the Northern CA coast.

 March Field Museum
Zowiee! SR-71, B-17, B-25, A-26, B-29, WWII Bombers, Jet Fighters, PT-19, PT-17, Vultee BT-13, AT-6, P-39, and many more!


 McNamara Airport, Cresent City
You can walk to the ocean from this airport.

 Nevada County Airpark, Grass Valley
Gold Rush Era towns filled with history, good restaurants, Bed and Breakfasts, camping right on the field, and mining museums.

Located on the beach near Pismo Beach.

Great enroute lunch/fuel stop. The new (opened summer 2000) restaurant...

Ate at a very good and not pricey cafe on the field called the Two Niner Diner.

 Rosamond Skypark Airport
It on a small airport about 10 miles south of Mojave California. And about 10 mile north of Lancater California.

 San Luis Obispo
Nice restaurant and clean airport.

 Santa Paula
Lots of classic antique airplanes to see. The first Sunday of every month is open house.

 Santa Ynez Valley Airport

 Shelter Cove
Mendocino County, redwoods, Coastal plateau campground, and more.

 Sonoma Valley (Shelville)
Tail draggers and antiques galore, plus Citabria's for rent.

 Trinity Lake
Houseboats for rent, boating, and the Trinity Center Inn.

 Willows Glen County Airport
Nancy`s Airport Cafe is open 24 hrs, and more.

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