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Kareem Fahmi ( writes:

Hi David,

Here's another blurb for your website, which I've found really useful and enjoyable...

LAMPSON (Lakeport,) CA. This 3600-foot asphalt strip rests on the grassy flatland just south of Clear Lake, CA. The imposing 4000-foot peaks of California's Coastal Range offer breathtaking views as you approach the airport. Once there, you'll find one of the best airport diners in the West, offering delicious diner food, plenty of aviation memorabilia, and a great view of the runway. After lunch, check out the immaculately-restored DC-3 and B-25 Mitchell over by the north hangars, along with a forlorn flying boat and a few '60s-era turboprops that have definitely seen better days. If you can swing a new Mooney, you can pick it up at the on-field Mooney sales center.

Getting there is easy -- it's about 25nm northwest of Santa Rosa, off any Victor airways but with an NDB (frequency 217) conveniently located next to the field. The lake itself is about three miles from the airport, but perhaps you could beg a ride off a local.

Kareem Fahmi -- San Francisco, CA

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