Nevada County Airport, Grass Valley, CA.

Pilot reports...

From: David Stafford

Even though I fly out of San Luis Obispo (SBP) I must admit that Nevada County (Grass Valley) is my favorite also. Been in there dozens of times. I heard that Nevada County airport was just completely rebuilt. Can't wait to see it.

From:Robert Steuber

Tom; I live on Nevada County Airpark O17. Keep an old 1963 Chrysler here for a cheap rental. Beautiful spot. Lots of history including two towns from the gold rush. Lots of bed and breakfast. Place to camp right on the airport. Gold mines State parks etc.

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From: Robert Steuber

County Airshow listed for July 12th, 1997. Contact R@D Aviation at 916-272-7871 or This should be a really good bash! This is the first year we will have an airshow.

Places To Stay

Historic Bed and Breakfast Inn`s of Grass Valley and Nevada City
The Inn`s of Grass Valley

Places To Dine

The Main Street Cafe And Bar
Dining in Nevada City and Grass Valley

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Nevada County Events
The Nevada County Fairgrounds
The Empire Mine
The Tahoe National Forest
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Utopian Stone

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