Santa Paula, CA.

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From: John Rodkey

Santa Paula - not sure about the restaurant, but it's got lots of classic & antique airplanes, and the first Sunday of a month is Open House, where all the antiques are on display.

From: borchart (

Dear David: It was very nice to see Santa Paula Airport spoken about on the net. I used to fly a Super Decathon 180/csp out of that airport. It is uncontrolled, take off and landing on runway 49. Small good coffee shop if you don`t mind a smokie atmosphere. Lots of areobatic planes, pitts, decathlons, stearmans, great lakes, and home builts. Many famous pilots fly out there, the late Lee Menouski, Patty Wagstaff, Peter Lind, and myself. Good atsmophere just hang-out if one desires. Two fbo`s, one good one not so good. Close to Oxnard airport, Santa Barbara, and Ventura. A great little airport.

From Janice Dickensen:

Dear David: I read the letter by Borchart regarding Santa Paula Airport and I would like to make some corrections and additions.

Santa Paula Airport does not have a runway 49. The flight pattern is a left-hand pattern for runway 22 or a right-hand pattern for runway 4. Due to the offshore west wind, runway 22 is the active runway most often, however, not always so check the windsocks beforehand!

The old cafe at the airport was torn down about eight years ago and replaced with a very nice, large restaurant named Logsdons. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and homemade pies, soups and a fine prime rib dinner are among the many options on their menu.

The "First Sunday at the Airport" open house occurs every first Sunday of the month, weather permitting. Antique, classic, experimental and homebuilt aircraft are displayed by local pilots and some fly in from other airports as well. Automobile clubs also participate on most First Sundays.

Type in Santa Paula Airport and search the net for more information on the net regarding this wonderful airport.

Thanks, Janice

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