Sonoma Valley, CA (also known as Shelville Airport)

Pilot reports...

Ron Miller writes:

Another FUN airplane location you may wish to consider listing is Aerosport at the Sonoma Valley Airport, in Sonoma, California. The entire airport appears dedicated to the care and flying of "taildraggers." One company offers biplane rides to the public in Stearman planes. Aerosport is a flight school that teaches in, and rents, aerobatic Citabrias.

Their web site is at:

David McCord ( writes:

This is my favorite airport for a Sunday afternoon jaunt. Taildraggers galore - Stearman's, T-6's, Stardusters, a DC-3, Pitts, Champ's,antiques, gliders, etc, etc. For an old taildragger and antique enthusiast such as me, this airport is a real treat.

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