Willows Glen County Airport, CA.

Nancy's Airport Cafe is located at
353 County Road G
Willows, California, 95988

Pilot Report

Robert Steuber writes . . .

Nancy's Airport Cafe is right on the field - a short walk to a brand new Wal-mart store. Nancy's is always open 24 hrs a day, and always has good food. Try their French Dip Sandwich, big portions, and very tender beef.

There are some neat aircraft on the field. My favorite is a giant Polish Antonov 2 Biplane which is configured to haul fourteen people and there is a 1000 hp Polish built copy of a Pratt and Whitney Radial. Still in camo. This a/c is worth seeing.

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Contact Information:

PO Box 688
Browns Valley, CA 95918
Phone (530) 743-0908
Fax: (530) 743-0900


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