McGehee Catfish Restaurant Airport, OK

Pilot reports...

Steve Fremgen Stinson L-5 N63094 ( writes:

McGehee Catfish Restaurant (T40) at Marietta, Oklahoma, serves some of the best catfish you ever wrapped your lips around. The runway is grass, and listed as 2400' long and 55' wide, but always seems smaller than that. This is a common fly-away within an hour of the DFW Metroplex in nearly any type of powered aircraft, and a must-stop kind of place.

Thu, 18 Jan 2001 Michael Kenslow ( writes:

Marietta, OK (T40)

Located in Marietta, Oklahoma, right on the Red River. McGehee's is nothing but a 2450 X 55 grass, uphill - downhill flat strip. With a road crossing about the 40% mid-point. Taxi to the end, hop out of your plane, and about 150 feet away is the finest catfish anywhere!! They're open from 4pm till about 9pm. Closed Wed. Its only about a 40 minute flight from the DFW area.

McGehee's is a true "fly-in" restaurant. The approach is a little tricky, the winds are creating some turbulence. The take-off requres some skill, from both directions. Don't do a full soft field landing or take-off. Do a cross between a short field and soft field take- off and landings. The road across the runway will make your airplane 'ski - jump'. With may airplanes this is a take - off that is slightly too soon. So, hold it down in ground effect. Anyhow, I really like this place, and would like to see some sort of identification in your page for true fly-in restaurants like McGehee!

Michael Kenslow

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