Gold Beach, Oregon [4S1]

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Tom Morris of Mt Shasta writes...

The strip is right on the beach, just south of the mouth of the Rogue River, and a short walk to the middle of town. There is fuel available during business hours. It's often quite windy in Gold Beach, but the wind usually blows right down the runway. The traffic pattern is over the ocean. You can judge the windspeed and direction from the whitecaps on the river mouth.

On the north bank of the river is Jot's Resort, which I recommend. Many of the rooms overlook the river, and sea lions often swim by. It has a nice indoor pool and Jacuzzi. There is a restaurant across the street, which is pricey, but the food is good. If you have leftovers you can observe a local tradition and bring it to the "jetty cats" - feral cats who live in scrapwood houses on the jetty 1/2 mile west of Jot's.

Also on the north bank, just upstream from the bridge, you can board a jet boat for a trip upriver. The boats originally carried mail to the inland settlements [I believe they still do], but have since become a tourist attraction. There a several trips, some of which include a lunch or a dinner. The scenery and wildlife visible from the boats are reputedly spectacular. I haven't taken the trip yet, but many friends have, and none have been disappointed. The boat docks are an easy 20 minute walk from the airport.

A few miles south of the airport is Ireland's Resort, which is locally famous. It has some modern rooms, but the best place to stay is in one of the cabins, which have fireplaces. A trail through the dunes leads to the beach. I've been there several times and have never seen another person on the beach. If you like privacy, it's the place to go.

Places To Stay

Tu Tu` Tun Lodge
The River Bridge Inn
The Sand `n Sea Motel
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The Chowderhead Restaurant
The Port hole Cafe

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