Oregon Airports

  Ashland-Parker Airport
.... site of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. You can walk up the hill to the Windmill Inn ...

 Flying "M" Ranch
...... 2100 ft. gravel runway, and a oneway strip that is nestled in the coast range west of Yamhill .....

  Gold Beach Airport
...... Seaside seclusion

 Nehalem Bay Airport (3S7)
.....a great place to fly-in and camp.

 Pacific City
......if you land too long, you'll be in the Nestucca River...

 Sandy River
..... 2100 ft. grass runway, not much there though a good place to have a picnic lunch

  Sunriver Airport
... Sunriver, a year-round resort in the high country east of the cascades. They will pick you up in a golf cart. The resort has everything...

 Tillamook Airport
...on the Oregon coast, an historic former navy base with a great aviation museum and ...

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