Cedar Mills, Gordonville TX

Pilot reports...

Thu, 18 Jan 2001 Michael Kenslow (Michael.L.Kenslow@lmco.com) writes:

The Pelican's Landing restaurant at Cedar Mills Marina is a nine-minute stroll south of the aircraft parking area at Cedar Mills. It is part of the huge, Cedar Mills Marina. The restaurant is open Wednesday through Sunday, starting at 11am weekdays and 8am weekends. An attached open-air dining room (zipped in plastic on chilly days) overlooks the attractive marina. I

Lunch and dinner is moderately priced. Burgers are less than $4 and dinners begin at $9. Hangarmate Dan Meeks, a frequent visitor, claims the lunch and dinner is just as delicious as breakfast.

Then, enroute back to our waiting 170, I let myself into the enclosure that houses the marina's pot-bellied pigs and ewe. The larger of the pigs is the size of a large oil-drum and will prompt you to rub her belly.


Runway Length - 3,000' (Addl 300' ovrrn, W end)
Field Elev - 640'msl
Runway Heading - 250/070
Runway Surface - Dry grass, fairly smooth, sct sm pebbles
Runway Slope - Moderate uphill to west, consistent
Wind Indicator - Sock, SE end atop the hanger

RADIO FREQ: Multicom, 122.9 (AIM Para 4-9e(1))

VOR ORIENTATION: Ardmore (ADM) 133o radial, 28.6DME

COORDINATES: N33.502 W096.488

RWY VICINITY - Bordered by small trees. Use caution when approaching overwater (Rwy 27) for eddy effect during crosswind conditions. East edge of rwy at lake shore. White hangar, spacious open area at west end.

ACFT PARKING: Along S. edge of rwy, halfway.

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