Hicks Airfield T67, TX

Pilot reports...

Thu, 18 Jan 2001 Michael Kenslow (Michael.L.Kenslow@lmco.com) writes:

Rio Concho Aviation at Hicks Airfield (T-67) for fresh made deli sandwiches, burgers and pizza. Hours Tuesday - Sunday, 10:00am - 6:00pm, 817-439-1041.

The restaurant is directly abeam of the numbers for runway 14. It doubles as an FBO, offering self serve fuel and a pilot shop. This is a true fly in resturant. Just park your plane in front, and walk inside. Very good home-style burgers.

It's a small strip, but there is a large number of hangers at the field. Not exactly sleepy. It lies west - southwest of Alliance Airport (AFW), just outside its Class D airspace, and under the DFW class B. You will need to approach the airport from a westerly bias to avoid the AFW Class D airspace to the east.

Runway Information:

Runway 14/32 Dimensions: 3740 x 60 ft. / 1140 x 18 m Surface: asphalt, in fair condition Both Traffic patterns left hand

Michael Kenslow

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