Evergreen Airport, Vancouver, WA.

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Pilot reports....

Evergreen Airport, Vancouver Washington just across the river from
Portland Internation).  Rent a Champ or T-Craft for $18/hour, wet.  Or a
Waco for $55/hr.  Lotsa antiques and homebuilts. 

                                          Ron Wanttaja - 

My wife an I flew into Evergreen through the Portland Class C airspace.
Whew! I don't recommend it, rather go around and approach from the
northwest, avoiding the Class C...we had heard about Evergreen Aviation
and Wally Olson, who has been instructing there continuously for over 50
years, is 85 years old, and still holds a second class medical. We were
pleased to see one of the last grass strips, along with a narrow paved
runway. At Evergreen Aviation, we were greeted by a very friendly group of
fellows who hang out there. They were SO helpful. Wally scrounged 
an Evergreen Aviation cap for me, even though they had sold out years
before. It was very much reminiscent of the old days, friendly pilots,
classic aircraft, grass tiedown areas, old hangars. There were many old
pictures around the office, one of Wally's Jenny, which has a current
annual, and is stored at the air museum at Pearson Field, a few miles
away. We got a chance to see it later that day at the Pearson museum.

					David McCord

The Evergreen Airport is located in Vancouver, WA.  It is also the home of
the Northwest Antique Airplane Club located on the field.  It is within
easy walking distance of many restaurants and shopping.  Lodging is
available at The Phoenix Inn is located about l/2 mile from the airport.
Their phone number is 360/891-9777. Their phone number is 360/892-2155.
This is a friendly airport whose wonderful 85 year old owner, Wally Olson
celebrated 55 years as an instructor in 1995! I am Carmen Marie Eastman -
I'm based on the field with my 172 and a member of the antique airplane
club.  As a club member (dues are ony $20 a year) you have access to the
clubhouse, kitchen and shower facilities.  The club house phone number is


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