Tacoma Narrows Airport

Pilot reports...

Robert Kingdom (Robert_Kingdom@notes.ssi1.com) writes:

Tacoma Narrows airport in Tacoma, Washington, has a great restaraunt called "Rotors'". The restaraunt is directly on the field, next to the tower. The airport is actually located near Gig Harbour.

Flying from Hillsboro, Oregon, we arrived at about 8:00 Pm to a spectacular sunset. He had flown around the Grays restricted area to Eatonville, flew up over Puyallup, then over to the Tacoma Narrows airport(TIW). We had a great view of Commencement Bay and Dash point on the way over from Puyallup.

Parking right in front of the restaraunt, we were seated outside. We had a great view of the airport operations and that beautiful sunset.

Fare at "Rotors'" is definetly Northwest variety. Good variety, good prices, and great service. Steaks, Pasta and more was available, all was good. The bar was open for those not flying. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available at Rotors'.

Rental cars are available from Crossings Aviation, on the field, about 100 feet from the restaraunt. Seattle is a 45 minute drive up highway 5 from Tacoma, and there are many hotels in the area. Tacoma is a great jumping off point to the Seattle/ Puget Sound area.

Aviation buffs will enjoy the MacChord AFB museum in Tacoma, the Seattle Museum of Flight and the Museum of flight restoration facility in Everrett, at Paine field.

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