Petaluma Municipal Airport, CA.

Pilot reports ....

Robert Steuber writes...

I went to Petaluma today to pick up another Cessna 150 that I bought. I found a really fun airport with 100ll and Car gas. the 100 was 2.06 a gal which is a little pricey, the mogas was 1.46 a gal which is only a penny more than here at Nevada County. The identifier is Oscar69 and it is on the San Francisco Sectional. It is out of any class B or C airspace. The runway is 11 and 29.

I ate at a very good and not pricey cafe on the field, called the Two Niner Diner. They are open Tues. thru Sun. For breakfast and lunch. I had a Chicken breast sandwich which had avacado and bacon on a huge hamburger bun. I also had potato salad with it. It came with potato, Coleslaw, of French fries. It was excellant. They are open for breakfast and lunch. They serve a good breakfast with the top of the line being eggs Benedict. They are open from eight until 3Pm.

The field had a lot of interesting a/c A luscombe A J3 Cessna 140's and a gaggle of ultra lights. It was a very friendly place and surely worth flying there just for the good food and the very fiftiesh Diner right on the field.

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