Washington Airports

  East Sounds, WA.
... is home to a mint condition 1929 Beech Travelair Bi-plane "Magic One" ....

 Evergreen Airport, Vancouver
Rent a Champ, T-Craft, or Waco. "Lotsa antiques and homebuilts"
Right accross the river from Portland International

  Felts Field
Biplanes, antiques, EAA, airport cafe...

  Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands
Accessible by plane, ferry, boat only! Town has great artists
and crafts shops, restaurants. See the sunset over Pueget..

 Harvey Field, Snohomish
Fine food, playground for the kids, skydiving, antiques, grass strip...


 Tacoma Narrows Airport
...has a great restaraunt called "Rotors"...

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